It’s Out

Today, See Red goes onsale today at your favorite music online music retailer:

The album includes a few songs that date back to the eighties – “Fourth of July”, “Chicago” and “Great Northern Avenue” are songs I used to play with bands back at the Seventh Street Entry way back when.

Others – “The Wonders Each New Day Brings”, “Almost Monday” and “Snake”, among others – are things I wrote in the past year, largely to prove to myself that the whole thing wasn’t just a nostalgia exercise.

And a couple others – “Shotgun”, “The Ugly LIghts” – split the difference; they’re lyrical reboots of ideas that’ve been knocking around my head for years, sometimes decades.

Anyway – the album is on sales as of today:

Coming soon (like, probably today) on:

  • iHeart Radio
  • YouTube Music
  • Spotify
  • Pandora

And hey – it’s priced to move!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind y’all one last time:

Tomorrow (Saturday) Night:  Elephant in the Room (rock and roll covers, ’50s-’90s) at the Sundance in Maple Grove

8-12PM.  No cover.

Sunday Night:  Album Release Party; The Supreme Soviet of Love at O‘Gara’s in Saint Paul

5-9PM:  $5 cover.

Hope to see you there!

Out On Amazon

Our first  “single” – they call them “teasers” these days –  “The Wonders Each New Day Brings”, is now out.   Check ’em out:



More to come.


Listen for songs from See Red on Twin Cities radio:

  • Twin Cities NewsTalk will be playing songs from See Red as bumpers between segments in coming weeks.

The Final Countdown

We’ve been cranking away on recording our first album for almost a year, now.  And we’ve got about 20 songs recorded and in one stage of “ready” or another.

And today, we did the final cut, boiling all that music down to 12 songs we plan to release as part of this album:

Almost Monday

My Merciless Land


Fourth of July



You’ll Never Know

The Wonders Each New Day Brings

Smells Like Snow

I See Red

Great Northern Avenue

The Ugly Light.

Next job – finishing everything up, and getting it online and on CD.

In The Studio

So over the weekend we were busy recording vocal tracks at Minnehaha Recording Company in Minneapolis.

We have one song with a pretty cool background vocal part…

…that sounded like we were calling hogs when us guys sang it.

So we put out a call to our network.  And we got a couple friends to show up – Julia Schliesing and Alyssa Crum came by.

Julia and Alyssa

And they stuck the part in 12 minutes and two takes flat.

We’re looking forward to putting this out there!