(Words and music Mitch Berg © 2017 ASCAP.  All rights reserved)

Almost Monday

Yeah, go ahead junior, tell me about the fucks you don’t give
Get back to me when your history’s laughing every day that you live…

Every Friday I go out,
and try to block the headache out
And start the spiral just around midnight
Saturday the magic ends,, Sunday I am on the mend,
but it’s almost Monday and I think I’m going to be all right.

Go ahead, kid, joke about the broke down old guy that you see
Now go ahead, gimme twenty years and pray you do as well as me,

Every Friday I go out,
and try to block the headache out
And start the spiral just around midnight
Saturday the magic ends,
Sunday I am on the mend,
but it’s almost Monday and I think I’m going to be all right.

Go ahead, darlin’, tell me how the world began with you.
But I’ll be here when all your piss and vinegar blow back on you

Every Friday I go out,
and try to block the headache out
And start the spiral just around midnight
Saturday the magic ends,
Sunday I am on the mend,
but it’s almost Monday and I think I’m going to be all right.

Every Friday I go out,
to all the places I used to hang out
throw a finger at the dying of the light
It’s head down all day Saturday,
Sunday the magic’s gone away,
but it’s almost Monday and I think I’m going to be all right.

My Merciless Land

Before my grandfather’s time, my story they wrote
With their eyes on their shoes and their names on their coats
with the wind in their pockets, they climbed off the boat
With a dream of a future no-one could steal,
They came to this merciless land

So we look at the things that a hundred  years breeds,
we’re watching our football and raking our leaves
With blue stars in our windows and wind in our eaves.
Sometiomes it feels like nothing ever changes, across this merciless land,

But the black clouds growl.

But History’s one thing you can never forget
It’ll chase you no matter how far you may get
You run and you fight, but you ain’t safe yet
They’ll take  from your gross, and they’ll take what you Net.
across this merciless land

Because the Brave New World is just like before
They say you got your place, and don’t dare ask for more.
As it was in the past, shall be forevermore.
A bold new world pressing down on your throat,
Across this merciless land

But from the amber waves to the roll of the sea,
Straight down from heaven to you and to me,
and every man, ever woman and child in the land of the free,
say laughing boy don’t tread on me,

And it’s here, so don’t you dare get out of line
Cuz what’s his is what’s his, and what’s yours is what’s mine,
As it was in the past, it shall be for all time,
The man in the coal black boots is stalking
Across your merciless land,

But in my grandfather’s time, our future they wrote
with lead in their pockets and blood on their coats,
with steel in their hands, they climbed off the boat
For soul, for family, for land, for home,
across this merciless land.

It’s you and it’s me, and no compromise,
Across this merciless land.

Fourth  Of July

County fair in the neon glow, she holds on is the ride goes faster.
Crowd falls away, as we pull toward the sky. I say something I pray goes past her.
Walk away shaking down a gypsy row midway. Kids with cotton candy out looking for dimes.
Old men sitting on the beer garden benches, talking about how much better things were in old times.

Somewhere I read life is so painful it don’t pay to live it through.
And I ain’t seen a thing in this world, but sitting here I see what’s true.

It’s the Fourth of July.

She sits like a movie star, on the trunk of the car as the fireworks blow. Sky light syellow over faces of people here cause they got nowhere else to go.
She came home from school, I knew she’d changed, but I still see her from time to time.
I’m still here, I’ll never change, we’re a world apart, but tonight all right…

Somewhere in school, someone said life just ain’t worth the time. Some how it always seems the kids in school always make it farther down the line…

It’s the Fourth of July.

Dirt gray shacks, and railroad tracks, they shine like stars as we sit on the hill.
She asked me if I’m moving to the city, and I wonder if I will.
There’s dust in the air, and if it ain’t from the fair, I know it’s from people leaving town.
See all sorts of people I ain’t seen since high school – we ask each other why we’re still around.

She says she’s glad she got out w while she still could. She says the towns going to hell – but for tonight it sure feels good.

It’s the Fourth of July.

And if you see a ghost, it’s just railroad town that used to be alive.
We’re all our fathers sons, waiting on tomorrow some folks is never gonna arrive.

Now the farmers come back every year, but there are fewer and fewer every time.
The railroad hands they stop on by –  but there isn’t that many now, there scrapping the line.
Some preacher said the world’s ending soon. He scowls and says we Angott long. We duck into a sideshow, this fares like magic and you know it can’t last long.

Somewhere before they said this town would rise again. I’ve heard 1 million other people’s promises – And until then…

It’s the Fourth of July.


Snake pulled into Edenin a Duesenberg SJ
And waved the apple at Adam and Eve, then pulled it straight away.
Snake said “God says your soul’s the price for every juicy bite”
Said Eve “I wanna chase that rumble outside Eden in the night”
Snake gave Adam the keys, said “boy, you wanna try”?
And Eve licked her lips as Adam let that sucker fly.

Snake says “Hey, y’all, who’s to say, you can’t have everything you’ve seen?”
And Adam, Eve and Snake left town in that long black V16.
Eve said “Adam, baby, I ain’t got what I need,
the apple, the Doozey, the snake and the speed
Somewhere in the desert, Eve’s head’s in Adam’s lap
Snake says “Adam, son, now there ain’t no going back…

Snake pulled into Eden in a Duesenberg SJ
and revved those 16 cylinders, and drove it straight away.
You hear that smell out on the wind while you’re at work,
you listen for that rumbling long black engine in the dark…
Gatsby, Adam, Eve, Capone, we are all true to form.
Man always keeps the rumble seat on that long black SJ warm.


They say let sleeping dogs lie – I’m in the boneyard tonight.
And I’ve got ghosts lining up to remind me that there’s things I can never get right.
Those ghosts told me things I never knew,, like what to take and what to leave,
but there’s things that I just can’t cut free,
this ain’t some TV show.
Are you still following me?

Aw, come on…

This may be my last chance
I wanna shoot out the lights.
I wanna be starting something.
Do you wanna ride shotgun tonight?

Mary there was this song, on on all night station on a rainy night
it reminded me of you.
These days I hear it once, I feel all right, now – how ‘bout you?

But it seems so long since anything felt good
And so long since started hearing you

Saying you got nothing to regret, and nothing you need to say.
But the only way that works is if you had nothing in the game.
And that’s a kick in the head – cuz I guess that’s true.
Cuz it wasn’t just teenage angst when I said I’d crawl on nails for you
It used to be true – one time it was true



Bag lady asks me what’s the time.
Picks up her bags and shuffles off into the night.
I’ve been waiting here an hour for the 21A.
It’s bound to come sometime tonight.

Some Bloomington weasel in a black Cherokee
throws a finger at some slicky boy that got in his way…

Style council out on Lyndale tonight,
Still can’t make out a thing they say.
Round and round and round and round they go in the cold,
           I feel more like them every day.

Me, I just wanna see people just like I am,
me, I don’t wanna drop outta sight.
Wanna run with you, cross the edge of the city
Come on and meet me out on Lake Street tonight…

Uptown’s flashing against the winter night,
wind’s whipping down the street from Lake Calhoun,
And as cold as it is, I’m colder still.
Every dog has his day, I’m gonna need mine soon…

Some Wayzata girls are standing at the light
talking real loud, ‘bout what they’re doing tonight.

And girls from the lake front, they all look the same,
same hairstyle, same clothes, they all wear the same shoes.
Still they remind me, why it was I came here…
                           …they remind me of  you.

Me, I’m just looking for a place on the stage,
me I still can’t give up on the lights.
And for all that, I’m still thinking about you.
I’m out on Lake Street, gotta see you tonight…

When you’ve got cobwebs in your mailbox, you can still get by,
and when all is said and done, I guess that’s why I’m down here still.
I got a hunch that I’ll be out here, when my ship comes in,
you can bet your bottom dollar, it’ll be standing room only…

Ladies picketing some XXX theater,
Old geezer’s curled up in front of the liquor store,
some college boy’s talking about the meaning of life,
I’m stuck up here on Lake Street, and there just ain’t nothing more…

Me I just   with that I weren’t so cold,
I only wish something was happening tonight.
And sometimes I wish, I wasn’t always so alone.
I’m up here on Lake Street, gotta see you tonight…

You’ll Never Know

The thunder crashed, it was muggy and warm
the hot June evening when you were born.
I drove on down  to  the riverside,
I buckled in for a bumpy ride…

So the world turned round, and time went on,
“Till death do you part”’ became ’til one of you’s gone”
We came up craps, me and ma and you
and the country western song we lived through.

I rocked you to sleep a million long lonely nights…

But you’ll never know, you’ll never know,
the times I stared into the dark
Hoping something I did might work…

Now the telephone rings around 4AM
I pick up and drive downtown again.
It’s thousandth time I’ve see the tell –
the vacant eyes, the hospital smell.

But you’re still here, I thank God you’re alive…

You’ll never know, you’ll never know
all the times I paced  the whole night long
asking where did I go wrong?

You’ll never know, you’ll never know

The Wonders Each New Day Brings

We talked about the weather
I was wrong.
We talked about the weekend,
We disagreed.

Every evening,
I’m lost in the woods,
I try to stay ahead,
of your ever-changing moods

I roll the dice and pray….

Some nights I lie and dream
of when we first met.
But you swear up and down,
it hasn’t happened yet.

And when we’ve had a few,
I don’t know who you’ll be.
Turn my world upside down
or send me to my neutral corner,  dreaming of the wonders each new day brings

And so I teach myself,
be careful what I say.
Cuz I never know,
what’ll come back to me.

And we’re all trapped
in the world you made
Now I get outta bed,
I grit my teeth and wonder ‘bout all the wonders each new day brings.

See Red

  You look down your nose and smirk your smirk and grab your phone and let your inner douchebag fly.
So sue me because I don’t want to be judged by my zip code, or the coffee that I buy.
A foreigner in my own land,
You’re afraid of me for what I am,

When I get cut down
When I get robbed
When I get slandered
When I get jobbed

You wink your winks and  yuk your yuks
about the way I talk or work or pray
You tell me what I want and need,
things I guess I’m just too dumb to say
The whole wide world is your awesome joke|
you make your omelet, eggs get broke,

When I get cut down
When I get robbed
When I get slandered
When I get jobbed

Had a dream of a thin gray line between daylight and the night and fog.
On one side, a man’s a man, on the other he’s just a bigger mans dog.
And it’s all still true after all these years,
You want that scratch behind you ears,

When I get cut down
When I get robbed
When I get slandered
When I get jobbed

Smells Like Snow

The sun was always bright
Spring was in the air
I looked in the back seat
There was nobody there

And it got quiet
And the subject turned
And it never came back
And soon enough I learned.

There’s a tree on the hill
The trains go by below
I go there every time it smells like snow

Sure, I’ll grab a seat
And tell you about my day
I got a million stories
I got so much to say…

So time marched on
And so did I
:Nobody said a thing
I never asked why

There’s a hole in my head
The world goes sailing by
A rock on the lawn, a crow in the sky

There’s a tree
On the hill
The trains by by below
I go there every time it smells like snow

Sure, I’ll grab a seat
And tell you about my day
I got a million stories
I got so much to say…

Seems like it’s been a million years
It’ll come and go again
The wind never, ever stops.
Ain’t m much changed since then…

Great Northern Avenue

On great Northern Avenue, somebody’s playing
Strawberry Fields on the radio – I don’t know what it means.
It’s hot out and it’s sticky, and all that I can figure out,
is that it something about growing up, and something about dreams.

It’s one train pulls in, another one pulls out,
The rails string them together, and they send them on their way.
The old man on the benchspit into their Coke bottles,
talking about how much things’ves of gone downhill
since World War II until today.

They’ve been here forever. I’ll bet you they say…

On Great Northern Avenue, the rails sing out “danger”
The train it’s coming for me. nothing ever changes.

On great Northern Avenue, it’s just me and all my friends,
on the front porch of my dads house, sitting on the steps.
We got a six pack between us, and we’re feeling kind of itchy,
just trying to figure out what we’re going to do next.

It’s Friday on great Northern, and when they roll up the sidewalks,
we’re looking for another human face to show ‘me what we got.
The old man on the bench spit into their Coke bottles,
they yell “hey punk – either shit or get off the pot”.

But that’s all I know – it’s a small, small world…

On Great Northern Avenue, the rails sing out “danger”
The train it’s coming for me. nothing ever changes.

On great Northern Avenue, you can still see the stars.
But you can’t hear nothing – the train runs so loud.
On great Northern, a kid can grow up and be a very big fish, in a very small pond.

Great northern turns into a highway.
The highway runs 1000 miles, down to the sea.
Past a city that’s open all night long,
where I don’t have to tell anybody that I’m me.

On Great Northern tonight will be driving till morning.
Driving in circles, we don’t even care.
From great Northern you can sometimes you can see the end of the world,
bearing straight down upon you while you’re standing down there.

And I know I’d be something, if I just wasn’t there.

The Ugly Lights

The lights swirl round,
the fog fades down,
It’s last call,
and it’s time to clear out.

People close their deals,
or they come up jack,
and the door swings shut
and you can’t come on back…

And the ice burns away
and the bouncer says, time to move on.
People start to see fuzzy and crazy…
But I’ll be standing here, when the ugly lights come on…

Some guys come on strong
and fade in the stretch.
Some guys leave their game
in the parking lot
Some gals roll boxcars
in the game of life,
some guys got nothing but
to show what they got.

And the haze burns away,
and the voice in your head says time to move on,
People looking over their shoulder
wondering what happens when the ugly lights turn on…

The night spins round,
the fog rolls in.
the new day comes,
the sun rises again.

Some people wanna know why
the sun found them this way
or they smile and say thank you,
and move on with their day…

And the ache burns away
and news lady says, time to come on.
People start to see clear…
But I’ve been thinking of you since the ugly lights came on…